7 critical elements to good webdesign

7 Critical Elements to Good Webdesign

A website design is more than just a company’s face online. A website is the identity, credibility and primary marketing tool of any business. A bad website that takes the time to download, uses the unprofessional font and goes away with company identity will lower sales figures. Such is the importance of a robust web design that business owners should value.

Here are critical elements to consider when coming up with a plan that drives traffic and initiates favorable action from users:

Space – A website is primarily visual. Spacing dictates readability and flow of content. When a user arrives at a web page, his judgment on spacing automatically comes in. Spacing revolves around consistency of gaps between characters, paragraphs, and sentences that goes across an image. Although spaces may not always be in white, the ability to use the blank areas in directing the eyes to a focal point is important. Buttons should stand out on its own while navigation menus should be easily found.

Color Scheme – A website that establishes effective color combination is easy to follow. Users will stay and read on if hues are not flashy. Accents, content images, and logos should stand out in contrast to the general color theme of the page. Choosing the right scheme depends on the message you want the readers to know. You can choose from analogous, complementary or monochromatic color schemes based on the type of business and its identity.  Here is some help in picking the right color choices.

Fonts – A style of lettering is important on an online page. San Serif has been consistently used by most online businesses because it looks cleaner and easier to read. The absence of strokes and other features on letters can make the page more pleasing to the eyes. You can use other types of fonts but make sure this doesn’t compromise the general readability and appeal of the page.

Usability – End-users go to many websites in a day, but they stay and read on pages that allow them to fulfill their needs. Usability refers to natural navigation, minimal loading time and valuable information features. Usability paves the way for better user-business interaction.

Content – Today, data is king, but this does not mean that content has lost its importance in the online world. Good content is still considered an essential element of a web design. Information, solutions, and guides that are well-researched and well-written are a primary consideration in search engine rankings. Spelling, sentence construction, and language are basic thoughts in judging the value of a website content.

Images – Search engines favor contents that have at least one image. An image enhances the value of the messages we need to convey. Flashy and unrelated images ruin the entire website reputation. Good photos usually contain human elements that represent daily activities about the content.

Contact information – Location, telephone number, and physical address of the company which the website serves should be indicated. Clients will always find a way to reach you through the contact details provided online. A feature that allows customers to make an action like an inquiry page or live chat will be helpful in establishing a lucrative connection.

Creating a Product Review Website that Converts

Creating a Product Review Website that Converts

One of the most used methods of earning money online is through review sites. Review sites can generate a huge amounts of income, some generate thousands per month. However, getting to that level requires a lot of dedication and hard work. The concept behind review sites is pretty simple, basically, it is all about writing reviews in accordance with the topic of the site. If you are planning on starting your own review site, here are some useful tips that can pinpoint you in the right direction;

1. Understand The Market

Keep in mind that not all review sites are bound to generate a lot of income. This is why it is always advisable to do some thorough research before starting anything else. Products that have high payouts and great demand are what you should be aiming at. Once you have identified these kinds of products and services, the next step will be planning the layout of your site. If you do not have an idea of how to go about it, you can always opt for hiring a professional to get the job done. Remember even for review sites, attractiveness is quite crucial and will go a long way in generating a good amount of traffic to the site.

2. Make It Simple

Most people make the mistake of trying to focus on a wide range of topics and just end up confusing the website visitors in the long run. Always choose a niche that you are familiar and comfortable with, if you do it right, the money will come to you.

3. Opt For An Easy-to-use Design

Simplicity is the secret here, an easy-to-use website will keep its visitors happy at all times. The last thing you want is having a review site that records high bounce rates. According to reports, most successful review and testimonial sites out there utilize simple and straight forward designs.

4. Make It Easy For Users To Leave Feedback

Feedback is perhaps the driving force behind most successful review sites. Users should be able to vote and leave feedback easily. This is what’s going to help your site rank higher in Google search engines. This is because most customers read reviews prior to making a purchase and will spend more time on sites that have excellent reviews. That way you can avoid being ripped off by companies like getassit 

5. Write Engaging & Informative Content

Before launching your site, make sure that it has enough content. The content should be informative in order to keep your visitors coming back for more and well written enough to encourage clicks on your affiliate links.

Review sites require a lot of devotion and hard work. The above tips can help you create and successfully run a review site of your own. Nothing comes easy, but with the right research and dedication, you will make your way to the six-figure mark within no time.