Rules For Pool

Here Are The Rules In Playing Billiard For First Timers

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If you found your interest that lies in playing billiard then you need to catch up and learn the mechanics of the game before jumping right in. If you managed to familiarize with the rules and know how to play the game, then you got this one in the bag. After all, it is important to learn all of these before trying your hand in playing pool, so that you will avoid in breaking the rules, and make a fool out of yourself from anybody who is an expert.


Now, to the people who are starting to get the hang in playing pool, there are others who are new and just getting started. So, they want to do their homework first before actually playing the real game and the best way to do it is research. So, to those first timers here are some of the brief and summarized rules to learn how to play billiard properly and how to choose the best pool cue .

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Here are some of the most important things to know about when playing the game.


  • Get to know the equipment. They consist of: cue stick known as a best pool cues the pool table, and the pool balls. These are the key major players that you should know about. Learning the mechanics of it, and get a familiar of them clearly helps you understand the roles that they play.
  • Brush up on the language. It is best to understand their language, meaning the terminology and the rules when it comes to playing pool. At least understanding their phrases and their names help make things easier on your part. So, you will know what other players are saying.
  • The rules. When you know how the rules work, then that’s the only way for you to win. Knowing these rules will be a good advantage in order to have a fair and easy game to play.
  • Learn how to master the stroke. Everyone has a different hand position when it comes to playing pool, and if you have your own style it is best to master them in order to master the stroke when playing pool.
  • Strike your goal. This is where you eye your ball and make the strike. Just line the pool cue tip with the cue ball, aim it carefully and strike! It is easy as it sounds but its difficult to handle it in on stroke so it is best for you to master them in order to get a good grip and control.

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In the end, these are the simple rules that you should follow and learn. Because eventually there are a lot of good players who are more experience and have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. So the best way to get the upper hand is to make sure that you mastered everything and learn as much as you can when playing pool. The important thing that you need to know about in order to score a win is to focus and strike.