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Black Holes: Gravitys Relentless Pull


When you open this site you may feel like you are a kid again, standing before a hands-on exhibit in a science center. After being reassured that black holes pose no threat to the Earth, you are presented with the opportunity to take a fearless "Journey to a Black Hole."

The graphics and animation are rudimentary, but the site is easy to navigate. You may quickly find yourself traveling to the spiral galaxy of Andromeda to orbit the massive black hole at its center--check out those traveling speeds!--or finding out what it would be like to fall into a black hole. Some surprising facts about black holes are presented throughout, as well as on a separate page in question and answer format.

If you are an accomplished astronomer, this site would not add anything to your knowledge, but if you are a young person interested in space or an adult who sees the term "black hole" in the news now and then and wants to know what that is all about, this site gives a quick tour.
permapage | score:9930 | -Daylily, March 13, 2013

The (Aviation) Magazine Collector


The Magazine Collector website is a communal effort as an online social community. Its web pages show a conscious effort to anticipate a target audience well beyond scarce or rare aviation magazine collectors. The Gallery page, for example, is open for posting photos of most anything with wings, from models (flying or static), to homebuilts, historical photos, etc. The same broad brushstroke holds true for the Resources page, where postings can range from sources such as magazine dealers, to information about aviation museums and libraries. read more...
permapage | score:9895 | -Glenn Shoup, March 31, 2011



For modern civilization stun gun is the best self defense & personal safety products for all. Million of police officers, solders civil people carry stun gun to protect against personal attack. Most crime gets as much publicity as the victim & other defense himself. Electroshock weapons such as stun gun, stun batons. Stun gun technology use temporary high voltage low current electrical discharge. It made via two metal probes connected via wires to the electroshock device. It common attacked area is upper shoulders, below the rib cage & the upper hip. It shocked half-second duration will cause pain & muscle contraction. Three seconds will often cause dazed & drop the ground. We advice that real self defense & personal safety for use this more details visits stun gun
permapage | score:9871 | -shoel, June 5, 2012

Freegold Theory


A concise summary / explanation of 'Freegold' theory...
The problem is that there simply aren’t enough physical goods in the world to satisfy the demands of all the money and other paper wealth that exists. What would happen if everyone decided to get rid of money and other paper wealth and exchange it for cars, houses and other goods? There aren’t enough goods to satisfy all the money and paper wealth that exists. This means that much of the “wealth” represented by all this paper is non-existent. Plain and simple.

Hence the system is bound to collapse, because it is essentially a Ponzi scheme, and Ponzi schemes cannot last forever, because sooner or later an “investor” makes a claim that the Ponzi scheme cannot satisfy...
permapage | score:9867 | -Ray, March 25, 2010

Online Slide Rule


If you've ever wondered how a slide rule works, here's the answer in an article that includes a virtual slide rule for your own operating pleasure...
Before electronic hand held calculators, the slide rule was widely used in Engineering, Science and Commerce for rapidly performing calculations involving multiplication and division which have to be accurate to not more than three or four decimal places. It can also be used for such operations as involution (raising to a power) and evolution (extraction of a root) and for calculations with trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent).
permapage | score:9825 | -Ray, September 29, 2007

Global Warming Disproved


Well, the accumulating evidence of cooling, not warming, hasn't exactly disproved 'Global Warming' theory. But, then again, GW isn't a testable hypothesis and is, therefore, outside the realm of science. Therein lies the beauty of GW theory -- it can neither be proved or disproved.

Remember, the stock market will always fluctuate and the climate will always change.
First, all over the world, temperatures have been dropping in a way wholly unpredicted by all those computer models which have been used as the main drivers of the scare. Last winter, as temperatures plummeted, many parts of the world had snowfalls on a scale not seen for decades. This winter, with the whole of Canada and half the US under snow, looks likely to be even worse. After several years flatlining, global temperatures have dropped sharply enough to cancel out much of their net rise in the 20th century.
permapage | score:9796 | -Ray, December 28, 2008

Computer Science and Electronics Projects


Project Guidance contains a very good collection of electronics and computer science projects. You can post your comments about various projects there. Also you can submit your electronics or computer science project idea and get help from others. There are projects in bluetooth, RFID, GSM, Analog circuits, robotics, web applications etc. read more...
permapage | score:9772 | -Thin Master, June 22, 2007

420 college live seminar


Marijuana has various superb benefits and it can be used for healing though there are not many people who are aware of this fact and I was also not too sure that if it really is true and how someone can get benefits from it. I went to 420 college live seminar to know that if it really is true or not and I was amazed to know that there are various top notch benefits which can be attained with marijuana. I was not even interested in starting my own business though after going though the complete 420 college live seminar, I decided that I should go for my own business because there were various superb tricks, tips and methods which were included in this particular seminar on how to start marijuana business. I am really happy to suggest others as well that 420 college live seminar really is very good indeed when it comes to start your own marijuana business. For more details visit: read more...
permapage | score:9752 | -Jacinda, April 14, 2012

Nano Technology - A Tutorial


Nanotechnology deals with the study, development and practical application of structures and devices at molecular scale (between 1 and 100 nanometers, one nanometer is equivalent to 1 in 10-9 meters). "Nano" is a Greek prefix, which signifies a "billionth" (one billionth of a meter is the unit of measure in the field of nanotechnology). An atom is smaller than a nanometer, but a molecule can be larger.
A comprehensive tutorial on nanotech is available at

The contents of the tutorial are provided below:
  1. Nanotechnology - a definition

  2. Types of Nanotechnologies

  3. Microelectronic Transistors

  4. Nano FET

  5. Nano Electronics

  6. Microscopes

  7. Computation Nanotechnology

  8. Nanotechnology products

  9. Major achievements of Nanotechnology

  10. Some future Nanotechnology medical product ideas

  11. References
permapage | score:9742 | -Vijay, September 3, 2006

Free Physics Textbook


Download this free, 1200 page physics textbook in pdf fomat...
How does a rainbow form? Is levitation possible? Do time machines exist? What does 'quantum' mean? What is the maximum force value found in nature? Is 'empty space' really empty? Is the universe a set? Which problems in physics are still unsolved?

This site publishes a free physics textbook that tells the story of how it became possible, after 2500 years of exploration, to answer such questions. The book is written to be entertaining, surprising and challenging on every page. With little mathematics, the text explores the most fascinating parts of mechanics, thermodynamics, special and general relativity, electrodynamics, quantum theory and modern attempts at unification. The essence of these fields is summarized in the most simple terms: it is shown how they are based on the notions of minimum entropy, maximum speed, maximum force, minimum change of charge and minimum action.
permapage | score:9741 | -Ray, December 16, 2005

Calculus-Based Physics


Calculus-Based Physics is a free (in electronic form) 2-volume physics textbook designed for an introductory college course. The book itself is provided in pdf and MS WordTM format. Calculus-Based Physics is also available in hard copy at at the cost of production plus shipping. Ancillary materials include physics problems with screen-capture video solutions (with audio), MS Power PointTM physics question slides, and Blackboard Learning SystemTM on-line quizzes with extensive feedback. read more...
permapage | score:9732 | -jschnick, February 5, 2007

The Ideas of Leonardo Da Vinci


Here is an illustrated collection of ten of Da Vinci's most modern ideas...
Da Vinci’s fascination with the sea spurred many designs for aquatic exploration. His diving suit was made of leather, connected to a snorkel made of cane and a bell that floated at the surface. Proving the artist was also practical, the suit included a pouch the diver could urinate in.
permapage | score:9731 | -Ray, December 14, 2005

Weights and Measures Conversions


A new way to post answers to unit conversion questions on Ask and Answer websites or emails. hosts more than 50 unit converters in all scientific categories. You are allowed to attach 4 parameters following the url of the converters. For example, to answer how many liter is 192 cubic yard, using volume converter. Input url - yard&ut=liter&ur=1
in the address bar and hit the enter. Or build a link with anchor text Convert cubic yard to liter. When clicking the link, the answer will appear on the screen immediately. Is that easy? OK, let's see what the 4 parameters stand for.

  • v - quantitity of unit from

  • uf - unit name of unit from

  • ut - unit name of unit to

  • ur - 1 for decimal, 2 for scientific

  • Check the list box before to see which units this converter is capable of converting. read more...
    permapage | score:9726 | -Ken Lee, August 15, 2008

    Online Planetarium Application



    I've developed on online planetarium application and I am looking for feedback, so I would appareciate it if people could take a look (feedback option is available within the application!)

    Thanks!
    permapage | score:9721 | -digitaloranges, April 7, 2008

    Goalfinder science animation view and download


    Free science animation for download and paid subscription for in-depth and comprehensive learning on physics , chemistry, biology and technology for students, teachers and home schooling read more...
    permapage | score:9703 | -phil morris, February 8, 2007

    Obscure Science Stories of 2005


    From a controlling the speed of light to why spaghetti doesn't break into only two pieces to storing excess CO2 in the oceans, 2005 was a surprising year in science.
    Buried land mines kill more than 15,000 people each year worldwide. At the current removal rate, it will take about 450 years to clear the world of undetected anti-personnel land mines. Now, researchers from several U.S. universities are training honey bees to locate buried land mines through odor detection.
    permapage | score:9701 | -Ray, December 28, 2005
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