Know Headlight Bulb Types Before Replacing Old Ones

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Headlight bulbs are small components of your vehicle which play an important role for your safety. Just picture yourself driving at night without headlights. It’s somehow crazy and dangerous, right? This is what it’s going to happen when your headlight bulbs have gone out while on the roads. So it’s important to know the headlight bulb types to ensure safety.

Whether you have LED car bulbs or HID lights, if the bulb is off then it’s time to replace them with newer ones. You don’t want to put your safety at risk or have you pulled over and fined by an officer who is somehow an awkward situation try out the best LED headlights from alla lighting .

Before you begin the task, it’s important to know the headlight bulb types and which of these you need exactly. The best place to check is the vehicle manual which will tell you what model of the bulb should be installed. If you remain uncertain of the bulb, you can remove the old one and see the model written on it. You may also refer this and ask a motoring store or a mechanic.So it’s important to know how to change car bulbs and not rely on a mechanic to save on expenses. This is a simple task to do which may not need more tools to do it..

  • Open the vehicle bonnet and determine the back of the headlight. You can see three wires popping out of the plug that’s triangular.
  • Have the wires and the plug disconnected, which is connecting the bottom of the headlight bulbs. Depending on the type of bulb, you may need to pull, unclip or unscrew the plug simply.
  • Grab the bottom of the bulb where the plug is connected and gently remove the old one by pulling it out. If it remains in place, you can wiggle or rotate it slightly, which will somehow come loose.
  • Now you can put the new bulb. Before you begin this task, you need to know never to touch the car bulbs with your bare hands. Dust or oil left on its surface can greatly affect its performance and shorten its lifespan. Use a clean cloth or wear gloves and avoid touching the glass of the bulb.
  • Position the new bulb where you removed the old one and ensure it is fully inside and fits flush with the back of the headlight.
  • Rewire the bulb with the plug and ensure that clips holding it is placed securely.
  • Now you switch on your new headlight bulb.

So you see it’s that easy! So now you can say farewell to your mechanic who has been charging you with unexpected fees just to do this simple task.

To ensure that you save time and money on buying new headlight bulbs, do it online. You’ll see that it provides you lower prices than visiting actual stores which is time-consuming. They can offer you various headlight bulb types that fit your needs and have it shipped directly at your doorsteps.

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