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Starshiptraders, a multiuser text-based strategy game is online


Play Starship Traders, just like in the early post-BBS days.

[Update: The login from the web mode didn't work for me on my first two attempts. It may not be working yet. Telnet mode worked fine.]
You can play from your browser or in the purest of text modes with the following telnet command line:

telnet 2323

(Note that the telnet port seems to be on port 2323, not the port currently listed on the webmode login page.) read more...
permapage | score:9994 | -Ray, June 3, 2014

A text-based MMORPG: deepSpaceMMO


Here is a complete, persistent world MMORPG that is playable completely from telnet or putty. It's F2P (free) and there is nothing that you can buy (with real money, that is). runs a test realm for an upcoming MMORPG while the graphical client is still under development.

The name deepSpaceMMO is just a code name; the real name hasn't yet been revealed. read more...
permapage | score:9994 | -Ray, May 13, 2014

How to Build Computers


Complete guide on how to build your own PC step by step. Includes tutorials on different computer parts such as the CPU, motherboard, RAM, power supply, hard drive, optical drive and computer case. read more...
permapage | score:9994 | -Terry Togg, April 23, 2013

Abstract Art Prints by Ray Yeargin


This is the only place where you can buy my art online -- and where I've put the best of my large 2011 images. This site offers four and five foot wide stretched canvas prints using high quality materials and workmanship. But, equally important, it allows very high-resolution views of the images. Take this image, for example:
Buy Fine Art Online
If you click through to the image page, you'll be able to zoom in on any segment of the image and see it in the same apparent size and resolution of a 3-4 foot canvas print.

Try zooming in anywhere to see the detail of this image. This zoom-in feature is an awesome tool, unless, of course, the art only looks good from 15 feet away. ;)

The front page of the site is at
mail this link | permapage | score:9993 | -Ray, May 1, 2014 Review

Down Review performs these for its users:

1. Converts Dollars and Euros into Words or text
2.Sliders and Roman numerals help enhance usability of getting
to certain money values very quickly and easily
3. Add up to 1000 rows at a time to convert various money
values i.e, dollars and cents or euro and cents
4. Copy any of the money conversion rows and paste them to any
other tools in an easily accessible table form.
5. Email up to 5 people at a time all the money to text or
money to words in an easy to use table form
6. Get set! Ready! Go and convert money to text!
permapage | score:9992 | -Vimal Mathimaran, March 11, 2013



This site is highly Unrecommended. The ONE ebook cover "artist" at this site appears to have anger management issues and continues to harass with unprofessional emails.

Beware: it is Not a Team of artists, just one artist, Cathi Stevenson, who comes off as unbalanced.

Self-publishers should go elsewhere in this burgeoning (& lucrative) market: many players are out to make money only, not build relationships or deliver quality product.

Obviously, this person does not care about her reputation.

P.S. She wants $300 for an ebook cover. She adds:

--"A large image sized specifically for Amazon"

--"A thumbnail of your cover"

--"A 3d graphic of your cover"

None of these "bonuses" are necessary. Amazon provides the first two when you submit a book cover, and the "3d graphic" is useless.

Self-publishers can get a better ebook cover for less, without the hassle of dealing with this outfit. read more...
permapage | score:9991 | -Ellen Fredericks, March 16, 2013 - Convert Currency into Text


Free Online Money to Text Converter performs these for its users:

1. Converts Dollars and Euros into Words or text
2.Sliders and Roman numerals help enhance usability of getting
to certain money values very quickly and easily
3. Add up to 1000 rows at a time to convert various money
values i.e, dollars and cents or euro and cents
4. Copy any of the money conversion rows and paste them to any
other tools in an easily accessible table form.
5. Email up to 5 people at a time all the money to text or
money to words in an easy to use table form
6. Get set! Ready! Go and convert money to text!
permapage | score:9991 | -Vimal Mathimaran, March 11, 2013

Raspberry Pi Games: Currency Traders


You can now run Currency Traders on your Raspberry Pi. It is very efficient, taking only 2.2% of the RAM on a 512MB Pi and about 1/200th of the CPU. More CPU is used as more players are online, but it should support perhaps 100 concurrent players on a normal Pi.

The quick installation is four steps, described in a readme file. The game is a single binary that was compiled and tested on Raspbian Wheezy. A statically-linked version is available for other Linuxes.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Raspberry Pi information and download links.
permapage | score:9991 | -Ray, March 3, 2013

Free online MMO strategy game


The Space Tyrant derivative game, Currency Traders is up and running with a 101-City game.

The game is an old-school multi-player strategy game like the
BBS games of old, but where many players can play concurrently. Gameplay is similar to the space trading games inspired by Star Trader (Tradewars, Czarwars, Starship Traders, etc.) but the scenario is new and gritty.

Read the description at the link above or connect with the following command line:

telnet (ST link replaced with a working text-based MMORPG)

And give it a try. It's free and you can play anonymously. read more...
permapage | score:9991 | -Ray, January 24, 2013 (Updated: May 13, 2014)

seo company in india


Technotipsolutions is internet solutions organization. We tend to are concentrating on internet planning, internet development and computer programmed improvement. We tend to are proud people that successfully completed varied come with our shoppers. So we might wish to take this chance to welcome our new shoppers for future endeavors to pioneer the avenue for his or her various visions.

TechnoTip Solutions is that the organization wherever we tend to found each answer associated with internet planning, internet development and having robust information on SEO. From SEO our priority to require each web site on GOOGLE initial page and provides the rank to the web site. we tend to return through several comes and gather abundant expertise. We tend to additionally give SEM, PPC, SMM services. From these services we tend to forever maintain the ranking position in GOOGLE. We’ve the simplest team WHO work on several comes and provides the triple-crown results. These days we tend to are here to present you the simplest service in developing the web site, SEO services.

Our company already provided quite 1000’s of internet sites to our glad shoppers globally. Our organization is leading day by day with triple-crown comes. We’ve seamless websites and our websites costs ar additional competitive to a different. We tend to develop the internet sites at the foremost competitive rates within the web development trade. We’ve knowledgeable internet designer and developer in hypertext mark-up language, PHP and JavaScript. we tend to concentrate on providing the reliable solutions for CSS, Photoshop, AJAX, Dreamweaver, Adobe, Joomla, Wordpress, MySQL and still as Flash that build one amongst the foremost competent internet planning services in Asian country.

Our Organization provides you domain hosting service. We provide domain hosting package for all sort of business Domain hosting helps you to market your web site world- wide. Mistreatment a politician web site demonstrates skilled website planning company and well established business. To boot you promote your whole along with your web site.
We are terribly experience in computer programmed improvement. We’ve best management and Operation team to present your web site high rank in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing. We tend to build web site straightforward to seek out in search engines with their targeted and relevant keywords. Web site Style Company this might be achieved by optimizing internal and external factors that influence computer programmed positioning. Our company believes that nobody will perceive the requirements of your web site such as you do Seo Company in Asian country. We tend to provide you with complete freedom to form your web site as higher than your expectations and needs.

The trends are dynamic on a daily basis within the market seo best company so are the technologies. Our experience contains a comprehensive set of open supply and technology that permits death penalty difficult comes and satisfying client needs expectations and preferences. We tend to assign best project team that matches the project goal and computer code demand. Each answer we offer is fast enough to support any downside in future. Our well equipped system can ne'er allow you to down in any condition or scenario.

To run associate degree organization a personal is like an ingredient to a giant formation of business or revenue in business. Anyone in organization once becomes a good a part of team, takes a business to new heights and open new horizons. Thus we tend to actually believe this philosophy and absolutely implement it for higher conduct in our work.
permapage | score:9988 | -sandra, January 28, 2013

Ed Tech Original Contribution


This website if you are in the educational technology field has some great helpful information. Visually the site is a little bland though easy to read and locate the menu. The menu is big and clear though with a lot of black. The bottom half of the home page is dull with a lot of add taking up the right 1/3 of the page.
One think I dont care for is the timed ads that pop up when you want to read an article. The ads run 10-15 seconds.
The site is up to date and has current trending with Twitter and Facebook feeds. The Twitter feed is constantly running which I find interesting and it makes me want to follow Tech & Learning.
As an educator I like that the articles allow you to print and you dont have to cut and paste or print an article with ads and comments. Thats a plus.
The ease to which a person, in this case an educator, I can quickly share information from Tech & Learning with Facebook, Twitter or other RSS sites. Another plus is that the site is up to date and has a lot of recommended readings on various subjects. Finally the search bar is easily accessible to searching for info that is needed.
Lastly, for educators Tech & Learning has online professional development for K-12 teachers. "Tech & Learning University" as you follow the site lets you find classes that deal with technology and education. The rates are comparable to other programs and Tech & Learn U gives teachers one more way to better themselves, their students, and their school. read more...
permapage | score:9988 | -CTE PLT Leader, December 16, 2012

Pioneer Urban Gurgaon


Pioneer urabn is a larg group working in gurgaon. Have a large stock of luxury apartments in sector 61 and sector 62 gurgaon. read more...
permapage | score:9987 | -drmannreal, May 30, 2013

Network Simulator Cum Designer


NetSim or network simulation tool is used by the academic community for teaching, network lab experimentation and research. Netsim is a tool to help you to learn how to configure computer networks, and to assess you on the skills involved.

Netsim lets you manipulate computers, Ethernet cards, Ethernet cables and hubs, wireless access points, servers and test their configuration for connectivity.

Additionally, it allows you to practice simulating field problem, and it enables you the pre-configure and test the configuration before implementing the same in production environment.

Typically, a network simulator should include the following:

1. Lab exercises - Router labs for configuring networking devices for NAT, OSPF, BGP, Access Lists, and others.
2. Support devices such as Workstation, Server, Access Point, Router and Switch (IOS) network simulator.
3. Ability to configure Wireless Access Point, DHCP Server, workstation, Hubs, and Switches.
4. Network designer that provides drag and drop feature for inserting devices and connectors. GUI based device configuration.
5. Support for various network links such as Serial, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IsdnBri, Frame Relay, ATM, etc.
6. Good documentation on how to use the software.

There are a few netsims available, which include Network Simulator, Boson NettSim, and NS2.

Please visit the website for free download.
permapage | score:9987 | -Vijay, February 9, 2013

Is instagraminator a scam?


Click! Click! Click! Photography has become a popular trend and hobby nowadays. Young, old, pro or even amateur individuals joined the luxurious recreation, either for their profession or for passion. And I, for one, have become addicted to this. I consider this as my past time and business. Gorgeous sceneries, beautiful portraits, festive gatherings, business products or just simple get-togethers are our most common subjects and theme.

However, taking pictures and keeping them inside the old and conventional photo albums we have at home would mean nothing today. In this modern generation, pictures are meant to be uploaded, published and shared. They are meant to be viewed and liked. In a split of a second, your pictures can be directly uploaded to your favorite photo-sharing like the popular Instagram.

Most of my albums are about the products on which I am selling. It just basically showcases my products. After taking a shot, edit it with the filters applicable to make it more appealing to the public, add a little description, I immediately upload them on my Instagram account and share it. More than just a photographer, as a businesswoman, it is not just enough for me to upload my photos. My photos must be viewed and liked by a lot of people.

A lot means not one, two, three or twenty but a hundred and even thousand more likes. Having more likes to me means money and a progressive business. It means that the products are good and are quite saleable to the public.

So how can I get the number of likes that I wanted? I found this really cool thing on the net and it is called Instagraminator. It says they can provide me just exactly what I want – thousands and thousands more likes. At first I thought, “Is this for real?”, “Can this be true?”, “Maybe this is some sort of a scam.” But the good thing is, they have this free trial.

By the way, trials are quite limited, so be fast and quick. After the trial period, I found Instagraminator really quite impressive. It is not a scam at all but a legit service provider. Truly, it is a great and wise marketing scheme for my business. They got these various packages that suit your needs. Though, it is not free, you can always tell that the service is more worth than the price. It has great customer service. They got awesome online customer service representatives that are more than ready and able to help you with your questions. Delays and other technical problems are unavoidable, but rest assured it will be delivered to you the soonest time possible. Instagraminator is truly very helpful and vital. It is a cheap yet brilliant way to advertise your product. read more...
permapage | score:9987 | -Sienna Anne, February 11, 2013

Flats in Gurgaon India (Call-9560302211)


Real Estate Properties Business in Gurgaon has expanded quickly as of late on account of Onset of numerous commercial ventures bringing about movement of open from everywhere for inquiry of work and Gurgaon being found close to Nation Capital Delhi.

Every living soul require a house and need veritable direction for this reason. Accordingly Real Estate Agents expanded complex inside most recent one decade. Mann Real Estate joined the armada in year 2003 as Mann and Associates and began furnishing correct aid to its esteemed clients subsequently supported a maintained yet fast advance. The name of this firm was adapted to Mann Real Estate in the year 2008 and supporting its status of respectability and customer neighborly till date.

We deal in apartments of most of the prominent Builders like DLF, Bestech, Unitech, BPTP,3C,Omaxe, Ireo and so on. Fresh booking is presently available in Greenopolis and Kohana Floors of 3C builder in Sector 89, DLF ultima Sector 81, Bestech Parkview Sanskriti Sector 92, Adani Oyster Grande Esctor 102, Ireo New Project sector 67A, Puri Emerald Bay Sector 104, Tata Gurgaon Gateway Sector 113, Microtech Greenburg Sector 86 and Sidhartha Luxuria Sector 113.
permapage | score:9985 | -ggnnew, April 5, 2013

Adpog Diary - Free Online Diary


Adpog Diary Review

Looking for an innovative app where you could put your personal notes or personal journals every day?

Adpog Diary could be one of the best choices out there!

If you have a habit of writing on your diary every day, a safe, simple and easy mobile diary app could be of great help. To date, the continued innovation in technology has paved the way to the development of paperless diary and notebooks.

People no longer need to carry around their binders and stationary just to put on events that are memorable to them. There are now simple applications that could let you write your daily thoughts, memories and ideas through diary app such as Adpog Diary.

Having a diary brings several benefits. Usually, a diary is where you can plan your schedule and develop your goals. It is also where you could put on your plan for the day, a week or even your entire life. It also serves as a crucial tool that could help you manage your non-renewable resource which is your time. For this, carrying a diary around you is very much helpful in keeping track of your activities as well as in jotting down events that you want to particularly want to remember. Carrying diaries around you is now made more hassle-free as diaries could be accessed on mobile phones such as on Android and iPhones.

Adpog Diary is one of the best diary apps in the market as its services could be availed for free. This diary enables its users to keep track of their past and allow them to think about their future.

This innovative mobile app can help its users make predictions of what will possibly happen in their life and see if they could be materialized. In addition, it can also help users see how much they had changed over time. They could read over their memories where they could enable have few laughs about past happenings they had noted in the past.

Adpog diary is where you can put on your personal journals and notes. Anyone can use this application and is proven to be beneficial for those who have a habit of keeping track of their past or writing diary. It also serves as a writing therapy. It is known that an effective diary writing can enable you capture the essence of your varying thoughts. As a writing therapy, it can enable you use your creativity as well as reveals your spiritual direction. This could possibly put your mind at ease as you can keep things in order and it can make you feel a complete person.

Adpog Diary can help you record your life as you could put your life log to it daily. It can save your past emotions or current and future interests. The application features include search entries and delete entries. It allows its users to write unlimited journals and notes about their life and set pincode on their diary which is required for its startup.

For more privacy, the app also allows users to change their account password or delete their account or diary anytime they want and create new diary. In case they forgot their account password, they could reset them. The app also features a beautiful, fresh orange theme which is visually refreshing in the eye. The app is generally easy to navigate. It offers users with simple user-friendly interface with no worthless functionality.

To download the Android app, you could go to

Or, you can access the web-version at
permapage | score:9981 | -microbread, June 19, 2013
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